Although the first snow fall in South Bend started on Oct 31st, the real first snow fall was today. In one short day, we got 12.7 inches of snow. My day was spent inside my dorm room, drinking hot chocolate and reminiscing about my very first snow day when I arrived here at Holy Cross.

It was January 17th 2013. The very first day of school for me. I had signed up for an early morning pottery class at Saint Mary’s College across the street, eager to pretend to be Demi Moore from Ghost. I woke up and walked out to my car to see it covered in snow. Excited for my first big task for the winter, I grabbed my window shield scraper and started going to work. However my car itself was stuck in the parking spot. I called my brother Larry (an alum from Notre Dame who lived in the same weather conditions years prior to me) who informed me that I needed a shovel. My very first interaction with my hall director was me asking her for a snow shovel. She told me that she did not have one but gave me a broom instead. A California girl like myself did not know any better. After spending twenty minutes trying to get my car out of the parking space, I finally gave up. I called for a taxi who transported me to Saint Mary’s. I walked into my very first class holding a broom in one hand and a window shield scraper in the other. Oh, how far I have come!