Lourdes, France is a destination that is not commonly known which is why it remains so unique. At the very southern tip of France, the small city is known for its miraculous waters that have healing powers to heal those who are terminally ill. At the end of the month in April, Lourdes is bustling with the Order of Malta Knights and Dames and volunteers all over the world who volunteer a week of their time to service those are terminally ill. Each “malade” (French term for the sick) is bathed in these spiritual waters in hopes that the water will cure them of their illness. Most of the miracles that happen at Lourdes is the acceptance that the “malades” and their family members find about God’s will and fate for them. Witnessing this faith from the sick and dying is amazing to behold. Although I believe that Lourdes, France is the perfect place to renew your faith on a yearly basis, I would strongly encourage everyone to witness this miracle and the beauty of Lourdes at least once in their lifetime.