Thursday’s are always a difficult day for me. It is the day where I have the most difficult classes and it is so close to being the weekend, but it still isn’t! This particular Thursday was even more rough. It had been raining for hours for no reason at all and I had been up since 4AM typing papers about Greek mythology. Regardless, I went to my first class of the day when I received a text from Monica, my sister who is always up for an adventure. She simply wrote “I’m coming to pick you up for some donuts and coffee and a little photography session”. Knowing what a busy day I had ahead of me, my first reply back was “No”. But thinking further about the situation, I knew that I only had a month left of school with my sister (she is graduating in December) and that my Greek mythology class would be there waiting for me next Thursday. I quietly packed up my book bag and ran out to my sister’s white V-Dub parked outside the school and we had ourselves one of the greatest afternoons there could be had in South Bend. Donuts, Coffee, laughter and plenty of photos in the rain. Memories like these, I will never forget❤